Quiko Junior – Complete Food / Main Food with Biotin


This food is an excellent basic diet for all birds during molting season. Use prior to and while exhibiting, or at times of stress. In addition to a soft egg food base, Quiko Junior contains a variety of high-quality seeds.


Quiko Junior is a complete food/staple food for all ornamental birds during the molting season. It is specially designed for the increased needs during molting and is particularly suitable during the exhibition period as well as when settling the young birds.

Complete feed / main food with biotin for young birds

  •  1kg bag
  • Optimum freshness guarantee, the bags can be opened one after the other as needed
  • Composition: bakery products, seeds (perilla seed, millet, black seed, linseed, poppy, canary seed), vegetable.

Keep cool and dry.

Feeding recommendation: Due to the higher content of vitamin D3 compared to complete feed, Quiko Junior may only amount to up to 25% of the daily ration.

Dyed with EC additives

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1000 – 2000


1 Kg


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