Quiko Rusk – Special Food Supplement


  1. A special food supplement made from wheat, baked by a special process. This baking process greatly increases its absorbency. Quiko Rusk retains moisture. When it is added to other soft foods, it helps to keep the mixture moist and fresh. It is also ideally suited to mix with other supplements together with the soft food.
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  1. Quiko RUSK is specially baked, high-quality wheat, whose absorbency makes it particularly suitable to keep the rearing feed fresh and moist. It ensures a balanced diet and stimulates the appetite of the birds.
  • Baked wheat keeps egg food fresh and moist
  • Composition: wheat, salt and yeast

Keep cool and dry.

Feeding recommendation:

1) Add 1 part Quiko RUSK to 1 part water (1 part = 1 cup)
2) Let Quiko RUSK draw for about 3 – 5 minutes until it has absorbed the water.
3) Add the moist Quiko RUSK to the egg food: 4 parts egg food to 1 part Quiko RUSK.


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