UNIVERSAL PATEE Fruits & Insects

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Universal Patee is a complete food for all types of insects or fruit-eating birds.it is also a nutritious supplement for other bird species. Due to its slightly coarser structure,  Universal food is easily absorbed by the birds. Universal Patee contains all the necessary nutrients as a complete food for young and adult birds during the resting, breeding and moulting period: proteins of animal and vegetable origin, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Universal Patee is made with high-quality raw materials. This product contains dried insects and berries. Due to the addition of honey,  Universal Patee is very easily absorbed by the birds, even by newly imported birds. Instructions for use: The ready-made  Universal Patee, freely available to the birds. Use fresh portions every day. For the fruit-eating species of birds, offer pieces of fresh fruit in a separate food container. Ingredients: bakery products, insects, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, sugars, oils and fats, minerals.

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