About Us

How It Was Started

Since 2006, J&J Bird Supplies has been manufacturing bird husbandry systems at the highest level. Under the Motto “Providing research based top quality products to breeder” the company started specializing in bird husbandry systems such as cages, drinkers, aviaries or breeding boxes. Through their continuous further development and the close cooperation with the Biologist, Vets and experienced breeders of Pakistan and  foreign breeders as well. The products are first planned and implemented and their own aviaries and thus expanded to their portfolio.

From 2014, we have added another innovation in our portfolio, the bird incubators and brooders. We also now produce and import incubators, brooders for breeders in the well known J&J quality. It is with the knowledge and personal experience that we can confidently manufacture top quality products for your birds. Due to our best quality and international standards we are successfully exporting  tour products to many countries. For the convenience of our customers we have started import of top quality show class birds.

Who We Are

Jawad SheikhFounder

is one of a large number of cage bird owners in Lahore, Pakistan who loves the whole process of breeding and showing their feathered friends. Unsure of exactly how many birds he owns, Jawad spends hours every day in his aviary tending to them. Jawad Sheikh with his two friends Junaid and Aftab Yousaf together they also run a business of bird supplies under the brand name J&J Bird Supplies. With over 10 years of experience in bird keeping, feed and nutrition, they have developed a wide product range that has been designed with the highest results and quality in mind and alternatives for all varieties of birds. J&J take great pride in knowing what these products make a difference to your bird keeping.

Aftab YousafCo-Founder

with his Best in show winning  at BSP 2016 is another bird enthusiast. Aftab was featured in the news in 2016 following his success in a national event. Aftab’s bird recently won Best in show and best opp. sex in show (novice section, exhibition and crest category) awards at a competition in BSP and ABO, whilst other winnings are at a baby show in BSP.