Probi-Zyme (200g)


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Probiotics and digestive enzymes

Oropharma Probi-Zyme is a combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This dietary supplement promotes the crop and intestinal flora, increases good intestinal flora, ensures a better digestion of the food and gets the intestinal and crop flora of one day old chicks started. Probi-Zyme contains probiotics. These are good bacteria present in the bird’s intestines (and crop). In addition to the good bacteria, Probi-Zyme contains special enzymes that promote the digestion of the food eaten. The combination of both, if administered at high doses, guarantees optimal functioning of the digestive system. Probi-Zyme is one of the few products in which the concentration of good bacteria is guaranteed.

  • Promotes crop and good intestinal flora and thus ensures a better digestion
  • Very important after an antibiotics treatment
  • In case of intestinal problems it should be combined with Oropharma Oro-Digest
Directions for use

1 even measuring spoon (= 1 g) Probi-Zyme per 100 g Orlux softbill food/eggfood for at least 5 consecutive days. PROBI-ZYME must be mixed in the food and never in the water. Store in a cool and dry place.



Calcium carbonate, Wheat meal, Gut flora stabilisers, Enzymes

Zoo Technical Additives

Gut flora stabilisers: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) 2 x 1011 CFU. Enzymes: Endo-1,4-betaxylanase (EC 300 000 EPU | Cellulase | Hemicellulase | Alpha-amylase | Protease


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