Quiko Forte – For all Pet Birds


The ideal combination of Vitamin E plus iron promotes fertility.

31 different minerals plus trace elements and vitamins work to produce optimum skeletal growth as well as
correct feather formation. Forte is a powder, which will work to increase the performance of canaries, parakeets, pigeons and other aviary birds. It can be used for the prevention and treatment of a deficiency of trace elements in young and developed birds. It is the optimum supplement to Quiko rearing food.


Quiko Forte promotes fertilization through the ideal combination of vitamin E and iron. 27 different minerals, trace elements and vitamins adapted to the bird cause an optimal growth of the skeleton as well as the correct turning of the plumage.

  • Ideal combination of vitamin E
  • 27 different minerals adapted to the bird
  • For canaries, parakeets, pet birds and pigeons

Forte is an oral powder for canaries, parakeets, pet birds and pigeons and improves performance. It is used to treat and prevent mineral and trace element deficiencies in young and adult birds. It is an optimal supplement to the Quiko rearing feed and is given orally via the feed administered.

Keep cool and dry.


The interaction of the ingredients of Forte (not too much and not too little) prevents the loss of performance during breeding and covers the entire vitamin and mineral needs. This recipe for success is perfectly rounded off by the administration of Plus for young birds.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

2000 – 5000


500 g


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