Pantex T-Plus 100gr, (water soluble powder combination for respiratory tract diseases)




Pantex T-Plus 100gr, (Water soluble powder combination for respiratory tract diseases). For Pigeons and Birds

Very often we notice that cage birds develop respiratory problems especially after stress situations like exposition, moving to another environment or shortly after purchase.

First symptoms are wet eyes and the loss of some feathers around the eyes. Some start sneezing, get dirty nostrils and even start gasping.

Many viral diseases (pox, black spot, polyoma) will induce secondary bacterial infections which need to be treated as quick as possible.

Before and after the breeding season, it is sometimes necessary to take care of hidden infections, especially when “megabacteria” are detected.

T-Plus contains a combination of two synergetic antibiotics and will deal with most common respiratory infections in birds, including mycoplasma.

– Treatment of respiratory tract diseases, sinusitis and eye infections.
– Preventative treatment of outbreaks of ornithosis and mycoplasma infections in stress situations (expositions, change of environment, new bought).
– Support during viral diseases.

Contains per 1 gram:
– 150 mg Doxycycline hyclate
– 200 mg Tylosin

Oral administration through the drinking water.
– Dissolve 4 grams (= 1 levelled measuring spoon) per 1 litre drinking water for 1 week.
– Change medicated water on a daily basis and supply as the sole source of drinking water during the treatment.
– Remove grit and other calcium sources during treatment.

– 100g


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