Vitamin E – Highly Effective Fertilization Vitamin – Powder


Water soluble or in powder form mixed with egg food this product is essential for the overall health of all birds and assists in the build-up and preservation of tissue cells.It has effective and far-reaching benefits on the entire metabolism importantly boosting fertility prior to and throughout the breeding season.

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Vitamin E is a highly effective fertilization vitamin for canaries, parakeets, pet birds and pigeons. The high proportion of Quiko Vitamin E improves performance and positively influences the overall metabolism. The particularly favorable properties on the function of the muscular and nervous structure and on the gonads largely protect against infectious diseases and have an extremely intensive effect on fertility. Unfertilized or dead clutches, as well as a high rate of juvenile mortality, are often due to a lack of Quiko Vitamin E. An addition of Quiko Vitamin E promotes the release of sex hormones, increases reproduction, increases the hatching rate and can thus help a successful breeding.

Highly Effective Fertilization Vitamin

  • for canaries, parakeets, pet birds and pigeons
  • available in different packaging

Feeding recommendation:
For single use: Dissolve a knife tip of the powder in 30ml of drinking water or mix it with Quiko egg food.
For several birds: Dissolve 1 teaspoon (5g) in 500ml of drinking water or mix with 500g of Quiko egg food. This mixture contains the optimally dosed vitamin requirement. Prepare only as much vitamin mix as is ingested daily by your bird. The water enriched with Quiko Vitamin E should be renewed daily to ensure a 100% supply. In cold drinking water, dissolution of the powder results in a slight turbidity of the drinking water, whereby in some cases the carrier may result in a slight floor covering.

Keep cool and dry.

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